Best Content Marketing Ideas for March 2018

Best content marketing ideas

Best Content Marketing Ideas for March 2018 March is prime time for information about nutrition, success, humor, and being outside. So why not create seasonal content that will help your business build customer relationships and make sales?

Content marketing is the act of creating, publishing, and distributing articles, podcasts, or videos with the aim of attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. It works on the principle of reciprocity — exchanging things for mutual benefit.

In the case of content marketing, your business is providing useful, informative, or entertaining content in exchange for future consideration when your audience goes shopping. When potential customers use your content, such as reading your articles or watching your video, they may feel a need to repay and make a purchase from your store.

Content marketing also provides a valuable asset in the formed of owned media that you can use to grow your business.

What follows are five content marketing ideas for March 2018.

1. National Nutrition Month

In March 1973, a presidential proclamation created the first U.S. “National Nutrition Week” to help promote better eating habits. The leading American organization for dietitians at the time, the American Dietetic Association, offered strong support for the event and by 1980, the weeklong informational campaign had become National Nutrition Month.

In 2018, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is among the leaders in sharing information about the event with diet tips, games for kids, and other resources.

Content marketers can promote healthy eating for the industry segment they serve. Here are some example article titles that online retailers might choose.

  • Camping gear: “10 Best Meals for Backpacking in the Mountains”
  • Men’s products: “The Ripped Grill Master: 10 Grill Recipes to Help You Shed Pounds”
  • Children’s products: “7 Reasons National Nutrition Month Matters to Your Kids”
  • Tools: “Break the Fast-food Habit: Eat Better on the Job”

Think about why or how nutrition could be important to your store’s customers and then help them.

2. Success Stories

March is optimism month. It is a time to put troubles behind you, and move forward toward a successful year.

For your business’s content marketing, consider publishing articles or producing videos that tell success stories from your industry and consumer segment.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

For example, if your online store sells fishing gear, you could publish a series of profiles of famous fishermen or more personal stories about how a father and son or mother and son connected on a fishing trip.

The goal here is human interest, something that will inspire your potential customers. And don’t forget about the optimism. Make these uplifting tales.

3. Tell a Joke

Did you know Chuck Norris has a bear rug in his living room? The bear isn’t dead. It is just afraid to move.

As corny as that joke is, it may be perfect for March, which is International Mirth Month and Humorists Are Artists Month. Best Content Marketing ideas.

Humor is a successful form of content. It is entertaining, likely to get shared, and can help your business start a reciprocal relationship with consumers.

4. Tackle Spring Tasks

How-to articles and videos are some of the best forms of content for engaging potential customers. When your business helps someone learn a skill or accomplish a task, you’re not just helping her check off an item on a to-do list. You are helping her succeed. Your audience will not forget you when it is time to make a purchase.

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