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Windows 10

Microsoft added Creators finally filtering blue light under the Night Light screen to update Windows 10.

It is time that all harmful blue light-filter software uninstall screen. Creators updated Windows 10 has a new feature to filter out the blue light of the screen. Night lighting features as mentioned under (Night Light), the display at night to take advantage of warmer colors leads to a better night sleep and help users to reduce eye fatigue. Night lighting functionality similar to the functionality available in iPhone and Mac Apple Night Shift, Night Mode Android operating system, Blue Shade Fire tablets, Techow Joins Amazon and software f.lux was the beginning of all the above acts.
Screens that emit blue light similar to sunlight. The blue light deceives body’s internal clock and prevent the secretion of melatonin in the brain, thereby causing the user will be sleepy. The Night Light with dark and warmer colors during the night, to sleep better help users. The aforementioned theory is that in some cases it is supported, but do further research on this topic will certainly be useful. Aside from better sleep and, according to many users, use softer colors, especially in darkened rooms, certainly viewing will be easier for the eyes.

Activating Night Light

Creators updated Windows 10 installed on your computer, look for these features to track visit Settings → System → Display. Here, you can put the slider button in On, Night lighting on and put it in Off, disable this feature.

If this feature is enabled during daylight, Night Light mode will not immediately affect the screen. Instead, until sunset on your current location, when under the Off until’ll see. Dusk and the time shown in the following screen, Windows 10 will automatically activate the night light filter. Also, the operating system will automatically disable this feature sunrise.

Activation of Night Light in windows 10
Activation of Night Light in windows 10

Night lighting configuration capabilities

Enabling these features night lighting department was just getting started. Night light settings by clicking on the link below slider button on this feature, you can not configure Night Light Act. Regardless of time of day and lighting the outdoors, you can by clicking the Turn On Now or Turn Off Now filter out blue light display on and off. Use the Turn On Now you can stay without waiting for the sunset, the night light mode to see exactly.

If you wish, you can move the slider Color temperature at night, the colors shown in the display warmer or colder. When dragging the slider to the left or right, you can immediately see the color difference applied. This should be the color that is convenient and comfortable for your eyes, your choice. However, being too close right slider to the right causes no effect on Windows 10 will feature night lighting.


Night lighting configuration capabilities -
Night lighting configuration capabilities

After enabling this feature, the Windows operating system automatically sets up a specific schedule. Take advantage of this option depends on whether the time zone and geographic location of the user’s access to the operating system. If you’ve disabled access to this position, you will not be able to activate the option Sunset to sunrise. In this case, the red «Turn on Location services to Schedule night light at sunset» Schedule night light will be seen on the bottom to enable access to your location you must click on the link Location Settings. In the window opened to the Change button in the Location for this device is off, press and click on the slider button is in the On position.

If you want to use the option Sunset to sunrise, you can manually set your schedule. Perhaps after sunset the user who has to work with your computer and do not want to change the color to the next night. To do so, click on the slider Schedule night light, the Set hours put in selection mode. Now you can set the time on and off the night light mode. For example, when browsing the web, slight color change display is not so important.

Windows 10

Windows 10 for user convenience, fast action button Night Light also put in Action Center. With this button, it will easily and without referring to the section settings can enable night lighting mode. In the absence of these, along with other buttons button Quick Action, simply click the Expand button. You can search term «Choose your quick actions» in the search box Cortana, the access settings for quick action buttons. Quick actions in the current window and in it, click and drag the button for the Night Light, you can transfer it to the upper part of the 4 buttons to important and useful to you.

Certainly aware of the impact of lighting the night in his sleep process should try it. This is certainly a very bright white light disturbing the settings Windows file browser window will fight in a dark room.

How do you evaluate Night lighting mode for Windows 10?

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    can we do this in windows 7 as well

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