8 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is one of the most basic strategic business needs. In the meantime, creativity is critical to retrieval and sales, and you have to strengthen it. I’m talking about using your creativity to market and sell. There’s a huge difference. Most people will consider how to use common marketing channels to do something different. But if you really want to stand out, you need to put creativity first and marketing channel second.

There is a big difference between the creative use of sales and marketing and the use of creativity for sales and reappraisal. Many people think how they can do something different from existing marketing channels. But if you really want to be different, you should first use your creativity and then consider the marketing channels.

Creative Marketing
Creative Marketing

Creativity, energy and inspiration for business empowerment, and power to counteract it. If you read this story and feel that you have not experienced creativity or signs in your life and work for a while, it may be because you are too focused on your work and you are unaware of yourself. Lack of communication with creative thinking can put your business in great traps. But how do we thrive this creative thinking again? For that there are 8 ways; with TechJow

  • Talk To Kids Aroud You
  • Try to make Something New
  • Visit Some New Places
  • Do something that scares you
  • Say Goodbye to electronics
  • Listen to the music
  • Start conversations with others
  • Pet a dog
Talk To A Child - Techjow
Talk To A Child – Techjow

1: Talk To Kids Aroud You

Who is full of imagination and enough curiosity and knowledge to put together their ideas and build a fun world. Listen to them and see how the world looks. Talk to them and join them in painting their books and paintings. Ask questions about small and big issues. Discuss with them.

After this, when you have spent your time with children, even if your creativity does not appear, you will at least be lazy enough and entertained. Laughing is a great way to open mind and find brilliant ideas.

2. Try to make Something New

There are many entrepreneurs who have an artistic aspect or a desire to make a new thing and have succeeded. Creating a new thing is the creativity game in action. Make everything you like: a painting, a drawing, a picture or a flower statue. Just start an art project. But we suggest you start something that you can finish in a few days. Why? Because such works, which start with the goal of creativity, should not prevent you from pursuing work and routine life projects.

If you do not want artwork or do not know yourself as an artist, think about enrolling in a class. With a little cost for class and trainer, you can flourish your artistic talent and creativity.

3. Visit Some New Places 

Even if you can not get a vacation, think about going to museums, parks and other destinations. The goal is to have a new and exciting experience. This allows you to identify the response to the new triggers.

4: Do something that scares you

Do something that scares you - Techjow
Do something that scares you – Techjow

You do not need to jump out of the plane to make this part – do not hesitate if you can. When you do this, you can concentrate 100% of your energy. You will be proud of yourself, and then you will find a new way to innovate by looking at an issue.

5: Say Goodbye to electronics

No Electronics
No Electronics

Everyone, sometimes, needs a vacation – from electronics – to take a break from the type that separates you from your desk. Leave your mobile phone at home and go out for a walk. Then look at your surroundings. In this way, you will have eye contact with pedestrians; you will have the opportunity to sit down at the shops and watch the showcase or even eat at a local restaurant.

You’ve done all this without getting yourself selfies – and the world is not over! We all spend a lot of time connecting to the technology world. Disconnecting the world of technology and communicating with others can be very effective in obtaining new sources of creativity and inspiration.

6: Listen to music

Listen to a music you like. Moving the body along with this music will also connect to creative thinking. Creativity is not released by sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

7: Start a conversation with others

One of the attractions of the collaborative workplaces is that you can engage with your colleagues and this will give you more conversation. If you’re one of those people who usually hear and work on headphones, it’s time to get it out of your ear and get some word with others.

If you do not have a stable work environment, you can even get along with strangers on the bus, subway or even an elevator. These connections are great for sparking creativity.

8:  Pet a dog

Cuddling dogs and cats creates a sense of pleasure on condition that you are not allergic. More joy will help you bring more creativity to you.

Have a notebook so you can capture the ideas that come to your mind at any moment. Most creative ideas come to mind when you’re in a state of relaxation – or, for example, when your smartphone’s battery is over and none of the note-taking apps are available. Keep these bindings in several places; under the inside, inside the car, at work or in the bags you carry with you.

Then you can take time and review them again. Share with your colleagues and customers. Do not be afraid to express your ideas and be sure to get interesting results

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