Top 15 Tricks Every Mac Users Should Know

In this Article, we introduce Mac users who use tricks they can perform their tasks more quickly.

Several methods exist to perform everyday tasks using a Mac computer. We hope that the tips in this article are introduced and applied there for you new tricks. Mac Tips and Tricks 2018 . 


Using keyboard shortcuts when you do not want to use Siri, Spotlight search, and use it to run.

Quick Unit Converter

In order to quickly convert units, simply run the Spotlight choose your desired conversion, for example, $ 100 or kg 76. This unit can be converted Spotlight lot for your input will be displayed. Although some of them, such as currency, which we can activate your Mac has access to the Internet.  Best Mac Tips and Tricks 2018

Control screenshot

Sometimes it is necessary to take screenshots of any part of the screen. To do this, simply press Shift 4 + Command key. One can then click and drag a box, specify the desired page and take screenshots. You can use the cross-hair of the image or image by pressing the Spacebar at the same time you have, select one. You are able to try to understand better about it now.


Is when you open an image in Preview, your desired format to display photos not found in the list? To solve this problem, just down the Option key when you click on the Format drop-down list, hold down. By doing this, you’ll see new options for image transfer.


 Are you in filling out the forms, you can easily move between different parts of your choice, you’re upset? To solve this problem, just follow the path:

System Preferences

Keyboard and all controls for Full Keyboard Access options to choose from.

Split Screen using the Split Screen view
When you resize a window, if Split Screen view mode, you can only do this by holding down the key while Option, both clearly see the window.

Easy finding documents
But can also minimize a window by pressing F3 all documents, document easily find you are desired.

Audio setting
 If the Option and Shift keys when you press the volume up or down, step by step and stage by stage and sound can be precisely set. The combination of these two keys to adjust screen brightness can also use this form.

Quick File Rename

If you want to rename the set of files then Select them all in a folder. Then right-click on them (Option) and select Choose Rename items in the contextual menu to choose from. All of them will change the name of your choice and are numbered sequentially.

Do not stop!

If you can not exit from a running application, and Esc keys simultaneously press Cmd + Option to Force Quit window displayed. Now you can close the application.

Start your tasks more quickly

If you are still working folder containing your data between your different folders hidden, why not run a new Finder window? Show Sidebar option to choose only the folder containing your business information Use the mouse to select and drag the sidebar. This allows new files with ease and without having to traverse a long path to the folder of your work. You are able to access more quickly to the folder. (Or you can dock it on the right side of the screen to access it faster.) mac

Use Command

Try Command in your menu bar to open the other secret facilities use.

Setting Menu

Most of the menu icons MacOS Sierra operating system can be moved to different directions. To do this, simply click on the desired icon while holding down the Command key, and click. Just be careful that it does not remove from the menu bar. For more information, read this article.


Press the Option key and from the Notifications icon in the top right, choose. Will see that the light gray color of the icon will change and show that you can enable Do Not Disturb. By doing this until you re-enable notifications do not receive any of them. mac os sierra tips and tricks

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