Poll: Do You Call Via Telegram Everyday

In this weak we will have a Poll About the Abilities of Telegram Voice Calls. Techjow asked to comment about this feature, let us know.

Last updated on voice calling in the telegram after the great rivalries was used to Iranians app. Initially Telegram announced that this functionality for Iranian users are active, but reports indicated that the ability to make voice calls to users of the Internet connection, the three operators of telecommunication Rightel, MTN and MCI are not available by cell disruption Is. Hours after the news of the closure of this feature by telecom operators, this problem has been resolved yet why the lack of voice communication for users of the three operators in the hours that users of Internet connections household able to use it were shrouded is in mystery.

Features Of Telegram

One of the interesting points about adding voice features to a telegram.  welcome it gave to the Iranian users. which Follows the exact cause and wave created by the publication. adding voice to a telegram to the extent of Iranian users. that was high if the service in question for the first time in the competition to make a voice call out, while other services, such as Whats App, Skype and Line-known examples are the ability to record voice in a few years.

In any case, we should see the increased use of the audio cable, telecom operators for this service, what will be the reaction? Due to the large number of users telegram in Iran, certainly the features major impact on voice calls will be telecommunications operators in reaction force, although it seems that the decision in this regard after the presidential election be postponed.

What do you think for adding this feature to your telegram?

What Do You Think Survey Poll Question About Telegram
What Do You Think Survey Poll Question

Despite telegram Have Good Voice Call Quality What do You use For Voice call ??

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