Panasonic’s companion robot is a cute projector trapped in an egg

Like you’ve had a word with your robot? Panasonic wants to do that and therefore has a funny robot.

Panasonic’s CES 2017 brought a funny robot that is able to receive and respond to your commands and if necessary the associated image through internal projector on a table or wall play

Panasonic robot is still a concept and not even name Panasonic has made it to the exhibition to get people’s feedback and use them to improve your robot. The built-in voice assistant robot will be connected to the Internet of Things platform to allow control home appliances through it is possible. The robot Panasonic’s Eco features similar to Google and Amazon users of our home.

The most important advantage to the Google home Panasonic robot. Amazon Echo in the built-in projector and wheels for walking. It’s like a children’s voices and movements associated with the dialogue funny things going on. The robot can move on your desk and, if necessary, photos or videos you want to show on the wall or desk.

Panasonic's companion robot
Panasonic’s companion robot

Panasonic will have to wait and see what changes the robot applies the coming months and the final product when it is ready. However, this robot and a lot of robots that were unveiled at CES this year, similar to the Sony Xperia agent that while it is also not news.

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