Oops! YouTube blocks an official Chromebook ad as spam

YouTube has come under fire recently for its crazy algorithm that automatically flags videos as spam

YouTube, the company’s Google Video Subscription service, has encountered problems due to the use of its new and precise algorithms. These algorithms generally detect spam automatically without any explanation. This time, YouTube recognized Google’s official announcement for spam on the Chromebook, so that the owner of the service would not be bombarded with the spam tasting.

Google’s video ad crashed with the message: “This video has been removed due to a violation of YouTube’s policies and policies against spam, deceptive activities and skepticism.”

Of course, Google quickly resolved the problem; but before that, users put it on a humorous basis.

YouTube tries to reduce spam and intrusive videos to improve user experience, but has been criticized for more than being successful. A few days ago, users complained about the unnecessary removal of their videos, and before that, YouTube even removed the iPhone 5’s videos.

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