Microsoft’s Revenues of $ 5 Million Handset Sales in winter

Microsoft’s financial report for the first quarter of 2017, show that revenues from Mobile to less than 5 million dollars.

Microsoft almost stopped its activities in the field of smartphones and statistical data related to revenue of this sector clearly shows this. However, a large number of fans, Microsoft, along with a number of analysts reject it and continue to supply more smartphones by Microsoft hope it can be claimed that Microsoft has stopped work in this area.

However, after Microsoft’s sales of its smartphone manufacturer, Foxconn finalized in November, a decline in revenue this part of our company.

Statistics in recent years in the field of smartphones, Microsoft suggests that this part of the company’s revenue, gradually reduced so that Microsoft in the winter of 2015, revenue of 1.397 billion dollars were struck. Although Microsoft in the winter of 2016 also witnessed a halving of income, but the income was 735 million dollars.

Microsoft has released financial reports in recent days, it has been found that the manufacturing sector was reduced Microsoft’s smartphone, With $ 730 million, and therefore, this section only large companies, Microsoft has $ 5 million in revenue.

The decrease in revenue from the production of the handset is not too surprising since the latest generation of smartphones with Microsoft’s older than a year and still can not see signs of keeping up to date in the field of products. Microsoft has released an update Creators update only has part of its smartphones. To be seen whether Microsoft Surface Phone is the way the market or will be out of this area.

As Microsoft has drifted further away from its mobile platform, its focus on other areas of its business has repeatedly driven its share price to record highs. Considering the billions that it spent on its failed phone strategy in recent years, perhaps the death of its mobile hardware aspirations is exactly what the company wants, and needs.

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