Microsoft The World’s First Trillion Dollar Company

Speculation suggests that Microsoft has a better chance to become the first company to trade on the market value is more than a trillion dollars.

 Microsoft The World's First Trillion Dollar Company
Microsoftt The World’s First Trillion Dollar Company

About two years ago, many analysts by increasing the market value of Apple, the company has a great chance to become the first trillion-dollar market value of a company called trade date. Not supply an innovative and revolutionary product that can be to start a wave, like the iPhone, Apple’s market value reaching Bazbmand a trillion dollars, while the total market value of the company reached 617$ billion.

Now Michael Markowski from financial publication has postulated that company is on track to take that crown, despite being third in line behind Apple and Google.

Market Capitalization
Apple $617 billion
Alphabet $548 billion
Microsoftt $492 billion
Amazon $359 billion
Facebook $333 billion

Markowski About Microsoft

Michael Markowski of predicts that Microsoft had chances and potential to become the first trillion-dollar company, a trade date, Microsofft is now the third most valuable company in terms of total market value. In the list of most valuable technology companies, Apple ranked first with a value of $ 617 billion, while Google and Microsoft, respectively, with 548 and 492 billion dollars in the next ranks.

Based on the information provided by Markowski, compared with a company such as Apple’s hardware, a digital company like Microsofft has a more dynamic business as well as turnover and profit margins in digital business also much higher.

In its report circulated among top financial Markowski Microsoft refers competitors. The ratio of stock price to earnings of the company Microsoft after the takeover LinkedIn several times. Consultants shares of companies active in the field of social networks with low income, is considered very high, so with LinkedIn takeover by Microsooft, worth a total of  492$ billion market for Microsoft, it seems a bit low.

Microsoft in exchange for each share of LinkedIn, paid 60$ , while Facebook’s shares is over 218$ . Given that LinkedIn users professionally, higher value compared with other Facebook users, so Microsoft is waiting for more positive developments.


The World’s First Trillion Dollar Company

Markowski the only competitor to Microsooft on track to become the first trillion-dollar company, Google knows the alphabet, as both companies have a turnover that doubled the turnover volume of Facebook and Amazon.

After a decade of relatively poor under management for Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, the company, in the last three years to reach the peak days passed. so that the company’s stock value has increased more than 50 percent. To reach a total value of a trillion dollars have doubled the price per share that Microsoft could issue a big change is imminent. LinkedIn, for example, the number of monthly active users of Microsoft to 700 million by 2020, could act as a detonator to reach one trillion dollars.


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