Headphones TONE STUDIO AND TONE FREE LG’s CES 2017 Introduced


LG at CES 2017 Exhibition Of Wireless And Wearable Audio Products Will Be Released.

LG Electronics as a global leader in technology For Example Bluetooth headsets, wireless and wearable audio. Number of products will be Released at CES 2017. These products TONE Studio displays wearable speakerphone and headset with 3D surround. and sound playback capabilities TONE FREE with headphones wireless charging capability at the time of placement of the headset neck would be.

Model TONE Studio (Model HBS-W120) with four external speaker, the sound by the listener plays two main speakers. In addition, two Quaker speaker headset in the neck and near the collarbone are richer and warmer sound playback, particularly at low frequency will help. LG TONE Studio DTS sound design specialists worked. A company in the field of digital surround sound in advertising, film and consumer expertise to customers. TONE Studio Suite is also equipped with Hi-Fi DAC (digital-to-analog converter) that the restructuring will greatly enhance sound quality and accuracy. In addition, dual streaming capability provides the ability to connect the headset to two separate speaker to several listeners to enjoy sound distributed from a single source.

Model TONE FREE (HBS-F110) neck behind LG’s first headset that uses wireless headphones. These headphones when placed on the headset, charging and always ready for use. The headset also gives you the possibility to make hands-free calls with voice commands only answer or reject. Gadget charger also provides charging the battery in times of shortage. No complicated wires and it annoying problems together, TONE FREE easiest and most innovative headset wireless headset for today’s customers.

Two Headsets

Two headsets LG TONE STUDIO AND TONE FREE only two products of different series at CES 2017 LG. Bluetooth headsets and other models will be unveiled. TONE models like the (HBS-920) with metal design and model the TONE Ultra (HBS-820), in collaboration with JBL audio company specializing in products. made with dual microphone MEM very clear that customers have a conversation.

Michael Park Senior Manager of Personal innovative products “said LG’s rich history of innovation in the field of wearable audio products. market and our products have become the standard for the rest of the competitors with the measure.

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