iOS 11 has another feature to stave off snooping cops

Apple first initiated a temporary IP disabling the feature that accesses to the phone without the password was impossible. Now, the ElcomSoft software company has another protection feature in iOS 11 that makes it difficult to synchronize device information with a Mac or PC.

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According To Previous Version

In previous versions of iOS, it was necessary to lock the device to communicate with the computer.  (to date, it was done using fingerprints). Now you need to enter a password on iOS 11 to sync the device with a computer. So even if you have to unlock the phone via a touch ID forget to temporarily disable it. They will not be able to back up or back up your data since they will require the correct connection between the iOS device. The computer. There are a lot of logical patterns. the experts can not back up those backups without pairing the device with a computer.

ios 11
ios 11

The security issue has always been a concern for Apple, which is why the company encrypts all sensitive information and does things on iOS to prevent unauthorized access to your devices.

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