Instagram Of Yotaphone confirmed the development of a third generation smartphone

Yotaphone Instagram account with the video release has confirmed that the third generation smartphone is in development.

Russian companies Yotaphone In 2013, the first generation of its smartphone unveiled by means of two displays. The existence of a large 4.3-inch HD smartphone display with the black on the back with a 4.3-inch size. The company is the second generation of its smartphone with 5-inch display and a resolution with black on the back with a 4.7-inch display is introduced.

It was expected Yotaphone 2 with less-expensive version of the smartphone that was called 2C Yotaphone their way to market, but this did not come true. For some reason the Russians were forced to supply Yotaphone 2 in America that was supposed to be released in 2015, did not stop.

Instagram Of Yotaphone
Instagram Acount Of Yotaphone
Instagram Acount Of Yotaphone

Many fans were disappointed the company almost from the supply Yotaphone   3, until the company of a post in Instagram announced. Yotaphone  3 is in development. Yotaphone  not provided details of the third-generation smartphone.

Among the technical specifications expected for Yotaphone  3 to take advantage of the Snapdragon 821 with a higher-resolution camera and a bigger battery noted. It also noted the possibility of using Android nougat. To see which way the market will eventually test the usability Yotaphone  3.

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