IBM Brand Story: The Rise, Decline and Rebirth


In this part of the proceedings “The Story of the Brand”, we are going to be volatile history’s oldest technology company IBM to review. This is the IBM Brand Story.

Company “International Business Machines” or IBM, nicknamed “Big Blue”, is a multinational company

utter company ( ibm ) is headquartered in New York. IBM of the few companies active in the field of communication technology that is more than 100 years of experience and its history dates back to the 19th century. The current business IBM, a range of activities including design and production of hardware and software, service delivery infrastructure, hosting services, consulting, mainframe computers and nanotechnology are included. There are not many companies in the tech world can be found in the field of activity is the breadth and diversity IBM

The Breif IBM Brand Story

IBM Has More then 377 thousand employees Even more than the total number of employees of Google, Apple and Microsoft  in 175 countries and in possession of 12 advanced research laboratories, more alone than any other technology company possesses patents. Employees of the company had won five Nobel Prize, four Turing Awards, five National Medal of Technology and five National Medal of Science.

But Big Blue began its work how and where?
But Big Blue began its work how and where?

IBM roots can be traced back to 1880, long before the advent of electronic computers. IBM initially a holding company (such as the alphabet) that the three companies named CTR “tabulation machines» (Tabulating Machine), «International Time Recording Company» (International Time Recording) and “Processing Scale» (Computing Scale) formed Been. The three companies operate independently under its own name continued until finally in 1933 with the loss of mother nature holding companies, all of which were merged.

Rebirth Of IBM:

CTR holding companies were created, they produce a wide range of products, devices and scales to record staff time and attendance automatic cutting machine grinding coffee and meat. But the most important product of the company, calculating machines and punch cards for use on this machine. Charles Flint, CEO of Time Inc., CTR different products on the production line at the time said:

Instead of income is tied to a specific product, we had three separate production lines products. This will in normal market conditions, the profits derived from a variety of three companies got their own benefit and at times unusual, rather than a chance, we had three chances of survival in the market and could continue to pay dividends to shareholders. ”

For "punch card» (punched card) build Herman Hollerith
For “punch card» (punched card) by Herman Hollerith


CTR risks companies with 1,300 employees, has offices and factories in the states of New York, Ohio, Michigan and Toronto, Canada. Among the companies, CTR, most notably in terms of technology, the company “tabulating machine” which was founded by Herman Hollerith and expertise in the development of information processing equipment was punch cards.

Herman Hollerith the United States Census Bureau was working to reduce the time and complexity of the data obtained from Census 1890 tabulations America, the first tabulating machines patented technology patents. Punch cards developed by him in 1886, and 80 years as the standard for the industry were considered in the tabulation and data entry computing.

After tabulating machines could participate in the public tender for the processing of census data and the 1900 America won a fantastic rate to carry out the project, the new challenge face Hollerith to figure out how in the years in which census the company of the new does not keep busy. Automatic tabulating machines, punch and he has to find a market for their turn to private and foreign companies

In 1911, Hollerith 51-year-old was  in poor health condition and his  business amounted to $ 2.3 million to Charles Fleet (who later founded CTR) and later on he himself solf the company to , $ 1.2 million.

IBM was one of the first companies that hired the women and as well as minorities.
IBM was one of the first companies that hired the women and as well as minorities.

When it became clear extensive business management CTR is not an easy task, Fleet of Thomas Watson, the second person helped NCR Corporation. In 1914 Watson become as CEO and in 1915 was elected as President of CTR. Watson, using his management experience at NCR Corporation, fast set of effective business tactics implemented in CTR. IBM Brand Story.

Including policies that brought Watson to CTR, was a special focus customer attention and noted that IBM later inherited and has remained one of the main policies of the company is run. Changes in CTR, Watson worked quickly, so that the company’s revenue in the first four years of his management, the company doubled its feet in Europe, South Africa, Asia and Australian. IBM Brand Story.

During this period a key role in shaping what today is called Watson “Culture IBM» know played. In 1914 he made the first company to hire employees with disabilities and the Department of Education employees were created in 1916. Reagents slogan «THINK» invented by him in 1915 and quickly became part of the company’s corporate culture. IBM in the beautiful video below (at the beginning of the speech was inspired by Thomas Watson in 1915) What explains the philosophy behind this slogan.

Watson Comments staff was great value and importance. His open door policy (Open Door policy) and encourage staff to refer to the person he or other senior executives, the company was trying to boost community spirit.

Watson did not like the name CTR; finally, in 1924, the company name to International Business Machines and concisely, (IBM) changed.

The Early Years of IBM

IBM is an important part of corporate culture today owes its development in the early years of the 20th. In those years, schemes such as “quarter-century club” to celebrate employees with 25 years of experience in the company, “one hundred percent club” to celebrate its annual sales target employees who were found and “proposals” valuable ideas Staff with cash bonuses encouraged, were first implemented.

The Early Years Of IBM Brand Story
The Early Years Of IBM Brand Story

IBM until 1958 and sales “for time” to participate simplex, time measurement equipment was producing for 70 years. IBM is the core of inventive engineers of James Bryce, Clear Lake, Fred Carroll and  Pierce was formed, they developed a series of innovative products for the company. In 1928, IBM 80-column punch cards that were nearly two times increased storage capacity was introduced. These cards are known as “card IBM» became known, to the late 70s as standard cards were used in the computing industry. IBM Brand Story

Great Depression and Great Record

30 decade of the twentieth century, the Great Depression, America (the Great Depression) was at the same time. Watson’s strategy to deal with this challenge in itself was interesting. He plans instead of austerity and firing employees, to hire new employees, investing in people and encouraging them to continued innovation. Watson During this time, even IBM employee wage increase. IBM also one of the first companies to their employees life insurance and paid vacation for them to be considered. IBM Brand Story

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