HTC In The First Three Months Of 2017 Will Introdue 3 SmartPhones

One of smartphones that HTC plans to introduce in the first quarter of 2017, HTC or HTC Ocean’s 11 is going to introduce at MWC 2017 is considered.

HTC In The First Three Months Of 2017 Will Introdue 3 SmartPhones
HTC In The First Three Months Of 2017 Will Introduce 3 Smartphones

According to new reports, the company in the first quarter of 2017, HTC plans to launch three new phones. The report also contains some interesting details as well as the accuracy of one of these smartphones will be HTC’s flagship company. It is said that two other product has hardware specs are inferior to the original product.

The report did not mention whether or not all three phones will be unveiled simultaneously. But making it happen, so it is not unlikely. Having regard to the report and news that had been published in the past, HTC called HTC Ocean’s 11 known, probably in the MWC 2017 event will be held in March, will be unveiled.

The event is expected to launch smart phone HTC X-10 mid-range that takes advantage of the hardware specifications. It should also be noted that the Taiwanese company plans on 23 January, held a press conference and, according to rumors, possibly from HTC X-10 also will be unveiled at the event.

Indeed, the successor to the  HTC X 10 X 9, which was introduced a year ago. According to the information we have of the smart phone, the hardware specifications similar to X-9, but a bit more powerful.

The main question now is what will be called the third smart phone and benefit from what characteristics?. Now We know that HTC is working on a smartphone that is called Ocean HP. 11 is larger than HTC. But the accuracy of this information has not been confirmed by HTC. Nor is it clear whether the third in a series of Desire is a smart phone or not.

HTC Smart Phone

If you’re a fan of HTC’s smartphones, the company must Bakhbryd this little products introduced each year. That’s why fans have great expectations of the company’s products. HTC 11 is the product of a lot of fans are waiting for its launch.

10 HTC smart phone with powerful hardware was really nice product that was met with little welcome. That is why it is difficult for the Taiwanese company introduced the successor of the phone. However, according to rumors, HTC is expected to be 11 specific product and also take advantage of the interesting features.

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