History of Apple: 1976-2016: The story of Steve Jobs and the company he founded

Apple is one of the most popular and the most influential companies in the world. In this article we review the history of the formation of the brand.

Apple initially known under the name of Apple Computer, is a multinational company in various fields such as production of electronics, personal computers, servers and computer software production activities. In addition to the aforementioned company is one of the largest distributors of multimedia content. Apple has established worldwide representatives to sell their products to the agencies say the App Store. The company’s main products iPhone, iPad tablets, portable media player and Macintosh computer series.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on April 1976 (12 Farvardin 1355) founded a company called Apple. The company also recorded on the third day in January 1977 (13 Persian date Dey 1355) in Cupertino, California.

For three decades, the company’s main activity was the production of personal computers. In the meantime, iPad 2 products including computers, Macintosh and PowerPC Mac was produced. Then sell these devices were not optimal to mid 90s, Apple’s market share in PC sales was very low. Although Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, but in the calendar years 1985 to 1996 was fired from the company. While he was working at Apple, NeXT, another company (NeXT) established that the company was ultimately acquired by Apple. After this incident, he was elected again as Apple CEO.

With the introduction of Apple’s iPod media player and iTunes music store in 2001 and created in 2003, Apple itself as one of the top companies producing electronics as well as one of the top vendors introduced to the world of multimedia content. These factors led to the computer name is removed from the name of the company and in 2007 the company name was changed to Apple.

Foundation of Apple 

If you’re reading this, you most likely got you a lover or at least interested in the world of technology. Make sure you know the story of the most popular brands and with this big modern technology, has started a mythical place called garage. There is another case at the beginning of the story of this type of business, labor conditions and two or three is not so good. But in the end the beginning to finally perfect ending.

As we mention in the introduction, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak known as the founder of Apple, but not in the meantime, a friend of Steve’s story we forget the Ronald Wayne. If Wayne was not, perhaps today’s products such as iPhone, iPad or iMac were not. Vienna Jobs persuaded his friend to get 10% stake in the newly established company, and Steve Wozniak worked as his subordinate. But 12 days after the accident, Wayne sold his stake worth just $ 500. The stock is currently worth $ 72 billion.

The Foundation Of Apple  – The Meeting of Jobs Steve with Wozniak

Ron Wayne story, met each other in one of the computer clubs. The club was interested in computers in a garage in Menlo Park, California, gathered. The two had a common goal: simplify computing for everyone.

Steve Jobs On The Right and Steve Wozniak on the Left Side
Steve Jobs On The Right and Steve Wozniak on the Left Side

At the time, Wozniak had built his first computer. The computer had a keyboard similar to a typewriter and could be connected to the TV. Later this computer called Apple 1. Which was produced and in fact it should be the primary example of all modern computers.

Ronald Wayne -  Techjow.com
Ronald Wayne – Techjow.com

Prior to founding Apple, Wozniak was embarrassed willing to show others to build their own computers. And it is thought that little information about the computer and therefore it was decided to completely refrain from introducing the device in the mentioned club.

But thanks to a very good potential on a computer that Wozniak had seen Steve Jobs. If Jobs did not meet with Wozniak, the computer might never be seen built by him. In order to donate even more to produce computers, Steve Jobs has sold his Volkswagen minibus. Wozniak sold his HP calculator at that time. and finally the two, along with Ronald Wayne, in April 1976 (12 Farvardin 1355) founded Apple Computer. the company that is now 40 years old.

The Foundation Of Apple – Selection The Apple Name

In the interview published in December 1984 in the journal Bites from Wozniak, Apple’s idea is attributed to Steve Jobs. Wozniak said in the interview this way: “Jobs sometimes your gardening and organic products was growing up. I think Apple’s name occurred to him because of this issue, or maybe it was the nature of the feedback. Perhaps this word is suddenly inspired him in an instant. In any case, after the name of Apple both tried to substitute other names, but ultimately did not succeed any better than Apple to find a name. ”

The Foundation Of Apple – Sale Of Apple Computer

Wozniak all computers made by hand, while the price determined for the first Apple computer was little more than the cost of buying parts. If they fail to sell Apple 1 was 50. Apple had just returned costs of their investment. But Steve Jobs was more ambitious aspirations.

The price of the Apple 1, the equivalent was $ 666.66. Apple Byte Shop in Mountain View start-up was successful for Apple’s 50 number one with $ 500 contract price per unit. Apple’s iPad 1 was not able to produce more. Steve Jobs Atari experience in the plains, for the sale of each piece to him, he requested amount of cash to banks to get loans while Jobs was disqualified. Although at that time, Steve Jobs offered a $ 5 million was received from the father of a friend; but the amount of financing required for the construction of more than Apple 1 was not enough.

A model of the Apple 1 computer
A model of the Apple 1 computer  – TechJow.com 

After preparing the store order byte, the fledgling Apple Computer problems between the company and the manager of the store, there was another risk which ultimately led to the success of Steve Jobs to John buys. In those circumstances, he pledged that made computers more fully discussed and timely delivery to the store. At the same time that Ronald Wayne completely new company that was founded by friends, was desperate and ultimately left the company.

Steve Young and motivated job well done and fulfilled his promise. When the product was delivered Baytshap modified Apple Computer for the second time, trolls that store management had been mentioned, was very surprised by what he saw.

Jobs and Wozniak were prepared product, only a computer board that no Pyshnyaz·haysh, nothing it could provide. Terrell could not even test the board and should therefore would have bought two transformers. Because this product is no keyboard or display, it is possible to transfer data without the need for there. Even if a keyboard was added to the range, even with much effort a developer, it was not possible to provide planning because Jobs and Wozniak, on tape or memory chip ROM programming languages ​​were not provided. Another problem was that the product was that it was not intended for any candies.

Apple Computer
Apple Computer – TechJow.com

Apple Computer

Even companies like Pi, probably not agree that victory as a computer. The hope was to take trolls at first, but eventually Jobs persuaded him to a contract and pay the amount to the young company Apple. Finally Between 1976 and September 1977, two hundred Apple 1 was produced.

Although the iPad 1 now may have no function, but due to the importance of this product in the personal computer industry, most collectors wish to have it. For example, it can be noted that Bonhams collector called in October 2014 at a price of 905 thousand dollars a healthy number 1 purchased Apple. If you’re interested in having the product but your pocket is much shallower than those that spend such a sum for the purchase, you can have a look at the computer Replica 1 Plus. The device has hardware similar to Apple first made, and the price is $ 199.

Considering that each one built 200 Apple computer sold, it can be considered a success. This led the fledgling company, Apple Computer will experience strong growth.

Here we come to the first part of the history of Apple. In the next section we will look to continue the story.

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