Google Removed 900 Million Pirate Links Last Year

Google recently reported in 2016 that deleted links to the copied content were referred released.


Google for sites that contain content in violation of copyright law are not presented to users, attempting to find and outdated links to these sites.

The company also quickly respond to DMCA requests. Basically, copyright holders can report about violations of their rights by sites to send the DMCA. Recently, it has been found that only in 2016, Google has more than 900 million counterfeit link is outdated.


Of course this figure is higher than in 2015. Google announced in 2015, 800 million link the user to know the content of the copied references, has been removed. Hit the links are deleted in 2016 to more than 900 million.

Google is trying to optimize engine search results, make sure that visitors come to the right conclusions and not to fake sites containing copied contents.

Copyright holders are, as always alert and sending reports to a DMCA violation of copyright will not hesitate. In 2016, the holders of more than 1 billion link removal request with Google, which said they were copied contents.

After reviewing the report, Google announced that 89.8% of the reports has confirmed the link is equivalent to 914 million. Google also revealed in the report each week the company has removed 20 million links.

It’s expected that these figures might level off somewhat in 2017 but since today is the very first day of the new year, we still have a way to go before we can see whether or not that’s going to happen.

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  1. Dominik says

    ok so they removed 20 million every week. i would be intersted on how many new pirate linkjs go online every week, im almost sure it would be more.

    Its a fight they wont win, ever.

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