Golden Galaxy S8 Appears In Three New Real Life Images

Recently, Samsung’s next flagship Three new real Galaxy S 8 has been Released.

Recently, three new image and real golden model Samsung Galaxy S 8 Chinese social network Weibo published. Two new stills, Galaxy S 8th show in a package and an image of the front view of this product. It should be noted that in January this picture with the image of the golden version 8 has been released Galaxy S are identical. If you follow the news related to these phones, you probably know that the previous image was also published as a prototype Galaxy S 8. In any case, the news of the brand new images on the front of the device.

Galaxy Samsung S8

The two devices also benefit from the 4 GB of RAM. The base model of Samsung’s flagship smartphone benefit from 64GB of internal storage and microSD support the addition of memory card. These two devices are IP68 certified against dust and water resistant and therefore will be. Kyu HD plus will Recent reports show that the Galaxy S Plus 8 is equipped with a 6.2-inch display. Of course, the exact dimensions of 6.1-inch display that is curved at the edges. According to recent rumors, the Galaxy S 7 of a conventional 5.7-inch screen would be. Samsung’s new flagship is expected to both benefit from the iris sensor. Other features of these two handsets that also supports wireless charging noted. Finally, it should be noted that smart phones Galaxy S 8 Byksby will be equipped with artificial intelligence-based voice assistant. As previously repeatedly read in various news. Viv Labs Byksby Samsung’s new personal assistant that works on AI developed. We recall that Samsung Viv Labs startup bought last October, and now these startups under the banner of the Korean giant is gone. Apparently Byksby Galaxy consistent with default applications, and in addition offers a number of unique features.

While Samsung is now preparing itself for Mobile World Congress 2017. The company already has confirmed that the Galaxy S and Galaxy S 8 Plus 8 will be introduced this year in this event. In fact, Samsung’s new flagship smartphone is expected to be introduced in late March and will be released in the second half of April. More information on this case is likely soon to be released by Samsung.

Samsung S 8 Leaked
Samsung S 8 Leaked

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