Iris scanners Galaxy S 8 is applied to financial transactions

One of the new features of the Galaxy S 8, the iris scanner that can have a variety of applications.

Galaxy S 8

Samsung Galaxy S 8, various security systems used, one of which is the iris scanner. The scanner failed inherited from the Galaxy Note 7. According to many experts is safer than other biometric techniques such as a fingerprint. That’s why when news released those iris scanners used in financial transactions. you should not be surprising.

According to  Korean website the Korea Herald, published a report. According to which, it seems the iris scanner Galaxy S 8 will be used in financial transactions. It is said that this method of payment systems such as the Samsung IP security will apply. First, it’s expected to be active in South Korea and North America, although the exact time has yet to realize this is not mentioned.

The report notes that scan the iris of the facilities Note 7 of the financial institutions in South Korea to users allow using this functionality into their accounts, but this is the first time that iris scans for transactions and confirmed they will be on the phone. Assuming this is successful, the application of this system on other phones would not surprise us.

Apple is also looking to fingerprint security solution other than that referred in this respect to the laser scanner. The system scans the user’s face which we use to identify and authenticate them.


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