how to delete your yahoo account?

We have many great memories with Yahoo. but the news of the recent hacking of email service. it has caused many users to consider delete your yahoo account.

Many of us Yahoo account that maybe it was common in the early years. We have created and probably in the years that we do not use it. If you want To delete your Yahoo account. Techjow Team we are her to teach you how to make it.

How to delete your yahoo acount
How to delete your yahoo account

First of all, Yahoo’s specialized account cancellation page, go to the link your Yahoo account and the name you want to erase, write and enter your password. On the next page, the text before you read it and eventually text at the bottom of the page. enter in the relevant box and then click the button Terminate this account.

This will remove your Yahoo account. It takes 90 days to all your account information is deleted from the system the company


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