Comparison Of Surface laptops with MacBook and MacBook Pro 13-inch

In this article, we are going to build Microsoft’s first Surface laptops with MacBook laptops (2016) and MacBook Pro 13-inch (2016) compared the iPad.

Microsoft during the conference, Microsoft EDU finally introduced a traditional laptop to convince those who are still using tablets and hybrid devices, 2-in-1 have not been able for the first time a classic notebook family Surface preparation.

Microsoft’s new Surface, “Surface laptop” is the product superclass is primarily to compete with the MacBook 12-inch (2016) and MacBook Pro 13-inch (2016) is designed. Went on to compare the three laptop deal.

Design, weight, and dimensions 

Surface laptop: metal, plastic, and Alcantara. Available in 4 colors
MacBook: aluminum, available in 4 colors
MacBook Pro: aluminum, with Tech bar Old, available in 2 colors


Microsoft Surface laptops in four red Burgundy (Burgundy), Platinum (Platinum), cobalt blue (Vobalt Blue) and Golden Graphite (Graphite Gold) will be released. Microsoft has been able to build up their skills, metal, plastic, and Alcantara worked together to produce a win and luxury products. Construction of the first laptop weighs 1.25 kilograms and a thickness of 14.5 mm of Microsoft.

Across the field, the MacBook unibody aluminum “with high capacity utilization ‘benefits and Rigid colors, space gray, gold, and silver available. Apple laptop weighs only 921 grams and thickness of 3.5 mm at the thinnest point and 13mm at the thickest part, is variable.

Macbook - Techjow
Macbook – Techjow

MacBook Pro that only in two colors, gray and silver are of similar design to his younger brother takes advantage of the difference is that Apple in this series laptops for the first time a tape touch of the screen Ould-called “touch time” instead of the traditional function keys (function keys, row F keys, and Fn) has. Apple also introduced a fingerprint sensor in the MacBook Pro power button to enter the account and use Apple Pay is included. MacBook Pro weighs 1.37 kg and is 1.5 cm thick.

Macbook - Techjow
Macbook – Techjow

Results: In terms of dimensions, Surface thicker and heavier laptop, Microsoft MacBook, and MacBook Pro is thinner and lighter. The number of color options that Microsoft provides users with the laptop, exactly equal to the number of colors MacBook and MacBook Pro is more varied colors. Although the Surface of aluminum unibody does not, but the material used is of high quality and feel of a luxury product will create.

It seems the preferred choice in the category of “weight and dimensions” like Apple’s MacBook. However, the best option in terms of “design and beauty”, is entirely dependent on the user’s preferences.


Surface notebook: 13.5-inch touch screen with a resolution of 2256 pixels and a density of 201 pixels per inch in 1504
MacBook: non-touch screen, 12-inch 2305 x 1440 pixel density of 226 pixels per inch
MacBook Pro: 13.3-inch 2560 x 1600 pixels with a density of 227 pixels per inch (with a touch of Old bar above the keyboard)


Microsoft Surface - Techjow
Microsoft Surface – Techjow

The most important thing to start Tuesday laptop screen comparison, the differences Surface aspect ratio of the MacBook. Surface laptop, unlike conventional notebooks that almost all of the 16: 9 aspect ratio is used, just like the Surface Pro 4 uses an aspect ratio of 3 to 2. According to Microsoft, this ratio for office applications, education and content (generally Productivity) ratio of 16: 9 is suitable.

Since software spreadsheet (Spreadsheet), such as Excel and engineering applications such as CAD- in principle for pages with a non-widescreen aspect ratio designed, claim Microsoft is not far from reality. In addition, pages with a ratio of 3: 2 aspect ratio screen 16: 9 with the same diagonal size, have more surface area. For example, the Surface laptop with an 113.5-inchdiameter ratio of 3: 2, an area of 543 square centimeters. However, if Microsoft’s use of the 16: 9 display area, the laptop was only 502 square feet.

Microsoft Surface - Techjow
Microsoft Surface – Techjow

Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro, instead of 16: 9 common, the ratio of 16:10 is used. but using a 16:10 aspect ratio, the display area of 513 square centimeters is reached.

Aside from the image, the display resolution is reached. Surface laptop with 2256 on 1504 pixels, a resolution of 3.5-megapixel density of 226 pixels per inch to the user. Microsoft claims that the laptop screen Surface “touch LCD screen is the thinnest in the world” is. In addition to the touch, it’s called the Surface Pen stylus and Surface Dial support.

Microsoft Surface - Techjow
Microsoft Surface – Techjow

MacBook 12-inch IPS display with a resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels, 227 pixels per inch density is achieved. MacBook Pro also uses a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels on a 13.3-inch display, has managed to achieve the same pixel density MacBook. The display is not touched any Apple laptop, the MacBook Pro from an old bar at the top of your keyboard uses touch.

Results: In terms of image and performance, Microsoft laptop with a touchscreen, 3: 2 and stylus support and Dayal, perhaps for students and those who want to produce their content, be more attractive. On the other hand, Apple laptops with relatively high pixel density display and wider than the Surface, are suitable for uses such as watching movies.

Microsoft and Apple Retina display quality PixelSense has always been known and Dysplymyt has had both been chosen as the best display of the year. So when choosing between Microsoft and Apple laptops, instead of looking for the highest quality display, such as the aspect ratio, touch and pixel density of note.


Surface laptop: Intel Core i5 / i7 generation 7 Intel integrated graphics Intel HD 620 or Iris Plus 640, 4 to 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD 128
MacBook: Intel Core m3 / m5 6th generation Intel integrated graphics Intel HD 515, 8 GB of RAM, 256 or 512GB SSD
MacBook Pro: 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor, Intel integrated graphics Iris 540/550, 8 or 16 GB of RAM, 256 or 512GB SSD

Surface laptops with the latest Intel Core i5 or Core i7 seventh generation Intel Lake Kebbi and, therefore, its integrated graphics processor will be Intel HD 620 or Intel Iris Plus 640. Microsoft claims that its new laptop battery with a time of 14.5 hours of video playback capabilities that the accuracy of this claim, Surface laptop, one of the longest battery lives of all notebooks will be available in the market. Microsoft also says that if you close the door and go into standby mode, power consumption is zero laptop Surface.

Microsoft for the amount of RAM your laptop, three options of 4, 8 and 16GB storage options available to users will also be 128, 256 and 512 GB SSD will be.

MacBook Core m3 dual-core processors or Intel Core m5 uses. The use of this low-power processors and weak, the only option for Apple to achieve an elegant design and has no fan on the MacBook. Mkbvkhay Apple in terms of hardware, in fact, only two options are available; model equipped with a processor Core m3 with a 256 GB SSD and Core model m5 with 512 GB SSD. Apple has used two models of 8GB of RAM.


Sixth-generation processors Intel Core i5 Apple MacBook Pro Askable, with options for integrated graphics processor is used. MacBook Pro MacBook storage options are similar, but in terms of RAM, 16GB MacBook Pro has options as well. Both laptop battery life is about 10 hours (in the

Macbook - Techjow
Macbook – Techjow

the case of recurrent expenditures such as browsing the Internet) are at the discretion of the user.

The result: Since Intel Core I series processors use the Surface laptop, the MacBook is definitely much better. Also, due to the use of the new generation of Intel processors in laptops Lake Kebbi Microsoft, possibly equipped with a processor Core i5 models in terms of processing power and graphics similar to the MacBook Pro will do better. Surface Core i7 laptop processor definitely has the best performance among all three will have a laptop. For comparison, must Surface to supply laptops to market and disseminate the results of the independent benchmarks, wait.

Microsoft will also consider options 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space, users who do not require powerful hardware, not forgotten. In addition, the battery life of laptops Apple laptops, Microsoft is almost 5 hours.

According to what was said, it seems that won Surface laptop, which of course represents the distance, was far from expected.


Surface laptop: Windows 10 S.
MacBook: MacOS
MacBook Pro: MacOS


Last summer, Apple’s latest version of its desktop operating system with MacOS Sierra released. Among the new features Apple’s operating system can be used to speed up the search and the full desktop noted. Messages software for better compatibility with the Messages app in iOS 10, has been experiencing substantial changes.

surface laptops

The surface laptops equipped with Microsoft Windows 10 version of Microsoft EDU conference for Chromebooks introduced a rival economic system. Windows 10, MS Windows version is, in fact, the long-rumored called “Windows 10 cloud ‘seen. Contrary to what was thought, the new version of Microsoft Windows, a version of Windows 10 is not half-light. Looking at the chart properties MS Windows 10, Windows 10 and Windows 10 home Peru, you will notice that the S version to version Peru is much closer to home.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Event Windows 10 S
Microsoft Surface Laptops Event Windows 10 S

In fact, the only difference is that the new version with Peru would not allow Microsoft to Windows Store apps through a source other than MS Windows 10 installed.

The bottom line: Unlike hardware features, consensus definition of the term “best”, when referring to the software and operating system there. Depending on the use of laptop computers, applications, requirements, and most importantly “taste” the best operating system for each person is different.

Ports and connectors

Port And Connector -
Port And Connector –

Microsoft laptop equipped with a full-size ports USB 3.0, a mini-DisplayPort ports and port sizes for Surface laptops Connect to connect to the dock and increase the number of port. MacBook only to a USB port of the same type C is equipped with a port for charging purposes and other uses connections. MacBook Pro also only 3 ports Thunderbolt equipped.

Display Port And USB
Display Port And USB

Results: In terms of connectivity and ports, all three ports option of the lowest and narrowest between similar products are on the market. In fact, if you’re going to choose based on the port, forced to “choose between bad and worse” will be. Maybe not in this particular option the right to vote lead, but in the meantime, the MacBook with only one port USB Type-C (which, incidentally, is the same port used for charging) laptop is definitely the worst of the three.

Price Of Surface, MacBook And MacBook Pro

Surface laptop:  999$
MacBook: From  1,299$
MacBook Pro: 1499$


Surface laptops due to less amount of RAM and storage space at the bottom of your configuration, the base price is less than the MacBook and MacBook Pro, but Apple laptops in nearly the same Kanfyg·hay slightly more expensive than their rival Microsoft. For example, the Surface laptops equipped with a processor Core i5, storage 256 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM, only $ 1,299 cost, while the model is relatively similar to the MacBook Pro is equipped with Touch ID and touch the $ 1,799 model lacks the two, costs $ 1499. Although the $ 1,299 MacBook Hmqymt same model Surface with the amount of RAM and storage space is, but it should be noted that Apple has used its weak processor 2 core Core m3.

The highest specifications, Surface powerful laptop for $ 200 from the $ 1,999 Apple MacBook Pro will be more expensive due to Microsoft’s Core i7 processor in your laptop model is Balardhtryn.

Bottom line: three laptops, cheapest laptops, Microsoft’s $ 200 cheaper than the competition and will be the most expensive model is $ 200 more expensive due to the use of a wider range of hardware in the Microsoft family of products. It seems that in models with similar characteristics, laptops Apple laptops are more expensive Microsoft.

Although Apple laptops, the aluminum unibody and Touch ID sensor and Tech bar (on some models) use, but one should not forget that the screen laptop, Microsoft also touch and Gorilla Glass that is definitely on the final price of the device to Microsoft had an impact.

What do you think about Microsoft’s first classic laptop? Is Surface Laptops competitor MacBook laptop would be raised as part of Apple’s market share compromised or main competition in the market, notebooks, laptops, Microsoft Windows will be? TechJow.Com users share their opinions with us.

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  1. Brian Johnson says

    I think Apple Macbook Pro is still the best looking laptop right now. Microsoft Surface Laptop is also a really premium laptop. But I think people today still admire users with Macbooks than other laptops.

    Even so, I’m still amazed of how Surface Laptop is now running on Windows 10S and only allows users to install apps from Windows Store. This is definitely a brilliant strategy to convince more developers to port their software to Windows Store in the near future, thus making Windows more secure than ever, just like macOS.

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