Apple’s AirPods are winning with the critics that matter

Apple Wireless AirPod

Apple Wireless AirPod, last year the company introduced simultaneously with the introduction of new products. According to Apple officials, traditional options market are other headphones out and it is time for the users to listen to music benefit of wireless capabilities. The wireless capabilities of its advanced structure, attractive AirPod, Apple users have been facing. After Apple unveiled the new AirPod, many critics say that the popularity of these products perform well or better than 159 dollars in the market were skeptical, but user feedback, showed different results. According to recent polls, 98% of buyers AirPod Apple, have expressed satisfaction with your purchase. Even some users have said more than they thought they were lovely love this AirPod.

The results show that the recorded comments of critics and those who still do not have experience using the product, not important. In other words, whatever pre-test the product, the critics will be announced based on speculation and should be placed in the category criticism not so important. Starting with the use of any product, they will find important. Keep in mind that the duration of use of the product is, the more valuable will find user comments and criticisms.

Easy to use, has a special advantage in the form of increased use of AirPod Apple users and thus, will have a special charm. Keep in mind that Bluetooth headphones, which for years have been marketed in the form of high diversity. In addition, the possibility of buying headphones with high sound quality, but at a price far less than what type of Wired for iPad AirPod pay there as well. However, the first or the low cost of a product in a category definition of the elements is apparent. While ease of use of the product’s what AirPod development, Apple’s focus has been placed in category definitions related to performance.



Before Airport, Watch The product was introduced at the same time, brought criticism from experts. This is despite the fact that both Registered good feedback from users was smart this time.

To be fair to look at this issue from the very beginning unveiled, there was evidence that he had doubts about the success of both products. With this description, it should be noted that the figures do not lie and never actually admitted to users about what they receive in the form of the Apple product ecosystem are satisfied.

Apple ready to stand against the tide of criticism in the wake of recent decisions by officials of the company for the launch of new products is commendable. Can be prepared without exaggeration essential component in the formation of the company’s success in recent years regarded. Sometimes the voice is heard criticism from users of products; in this case, Apple and other brands must listen to this voice with heart and soul. An example of listening to the voice of users in response to Apple’s new laptops, the company saw the battery performance problem.

AirPods popularity of Apple is that Apple actually represents a high recognition from our customers. Not bad to know Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, this behavior was known that instead of focusing on the needs of specific users of Apple products to be carried out as if he himself and other members of the design team and development plan of the final product use.


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    […] Apple’s AirPods are winning with the critics that matter […]

  2. […] Apple’s AirPods are winning with the critics that matter […]

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