Apple releases iOS 10.2 public beta 5

Apple’s iOS 10 operating system 10.2 V Beta released for all users. At the same time, this update was available for programmers and developers.

In this update, we experienced great changes and important, but some bugs and problems fourth edition of beta iOS 10.2, such erasure TV app content by some versions of iTunes or sudden departure of TV apps when using the iPod Touch has been fixed in this version.

Of course, in this version is still difficult to restore the deleted TV apps, not resolved; In addition, Apple’s new system, asking for help (SOS), which was previously released for the Apple Watch and the second beta version of its iOS controls 10.2 we still remain limited to India.

iOS 10

Get the beta version of iOS the best way to experience the new features that Apple is intended for users. If Apple Beta Program member, you can now get this version in the form of OTA and if you are not a member of this program, simply register by visiting this link.

Of course, if you do not have the patience to download individual beta versions, better wait for the final version of iOS 10.2 that should be released for several more weeks.

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