9 SEO Tactics That Just Don’t Work Anymore

SEO world is constantly changing. No wonder that some optimization methods, so long outlived their reach and efficiency to lose. In this article Techjow.com, with 9 of these techniques become more familiar. Techniques that some people, especially on the web, Persian, continue to insist on it and do not cling to them, but in fact long since lost another former effectiveness.

After the year 2015, the world of SEO is easier for internet marketers. Especially with regard to updates Panda and Penguin algorithms that occurred during the last few years, it is not surprising that the world of SEO is constantly changing and evolving. The next Upcoming Content will be  20 SEO Tactics That Just Don’t Work Anymore 2018 Soon.

Throughout this article I will try to provide you with an outdated version of SEO techniques that no longer use, I know. Let’s be honest. Some of us still use these techniques and some of them have prejudices, but these techniques do not answer anymore. It is good if the way went wrong, instead of insisting on the wrong track, on the road to reform our step.

Below are techniques that, (Case Study) much to the approval of many experts, the past no longer effective and they do not respond. Stay tuned to get more familiar with Techjow.com

1. To increase the rate of BackLink production

backlink in the past, this was a major part of any SEO process without linking Domain analysis and links are given, as far as we could, we produce for our BackLinks. In those days, doing so, increase our ranking and attract BackLinks guarantee, as part of the basic SEO factors. According to intelligence data Web Search Metrics, BackLinks production, part of the 5 main factor increasing the ranking is, the method of production BackLinks with what was done in the past, is quite different.

Changes in the type of capture and production of BackLinks, around Penguin 2.0 update took place in May 2013. Through changes that took place today, Backlinks quality is a top priority for BackLink, nor the number and quantity. For this reason, if you know how to produce good Blink, sometimes, a few BackLink limited, but quality can have a far greater impact than many poor BackLink.

2. Fill the contents of the keywords to increase ratings

 In the past, it was very important that what you publish on your website, literally mind contains keywords and keywords within the text content from a variety of fill. But now it has become less important. Now, Google latent semantic indexing method (latent semantic indexing – LSI) is used. The indexing of Google’s interest was in February 2004 and since then, with any updates that were added to Google’s algorithms, more and more came into force.

  The new index system, the idea is that robots Google to crawl the content on a web page and most repeated words and phrases in the text, combined and known as keyword page. Latent semantic indexing, or LSI, as well as the content of the page, to follow the words and phrases that are synonymous with the main keyword, it is.

Today, more than anything, it is important that your website design and optimization to provide users with an enjoyable experience. This means that you do not need to force your keywords in the page content embed fashion. Write content for users, not for Google robots. Search engines use synonyms and related words and phrases, they will understand what you mean.

3. Focus only on content And Backlinks

 About 5 years ago, to create BackLinks immense SEO and good content production were limited. Doing this case, it was almost guaranteed to increase your rank. But today, it is not. If you look, most websites that have good ratings, Mkhtbyn many social networks. SEOs on the impact of social media on SEO is directly or indirectly, are still being discussed, but no breath does not negate the impact of social media on SEO.
Let’s look at our case: what are your audience on social networks, more eyes are pinned to your website. And the look is focused more on your website, BackLinks gets more and more traffic will be attracted. Moreover, social networks are an excellent source of your website and create content suitable for publication in the audience will be much traction.

4. Creating more pages to attract more traffic

 Some people would think that by producing more pages can attract more traffic to their website. Now that, as a matter of BackLinks, create great content just to produce more pages, that will not help you. Make sure you have your priorities in the production of content on its quality and not on the number and quantity of content. If you do not have good content, each of which has different pages, you will not have any benefit to you.

Google’s Panda algorithm update was released in February 2011, identified the bad content every day, more and more possible. These days, if a website is a poorly manufactured content, Google may face penalties. So make sure that your website generates good content that audiences are willing to study it.

5. Increase The Rank to attract more traffic

A common misconception among people is that web site’s rank equal to the increase in traffic from the search engines see. Yes, it is true that users you at the top of the search list, see better, but this means increasing clicking on the link to your website (click-throughs) is not. There are two reasons for this:

Keyword A) may strategy your keywords, the strategy is wrong. This means that you’ve earned the top ranking keywords that your website is not related to the subject and scope of work.


B) Meta Description website and pages on your website are not attractive for the audience and do not encourage them to click.

To solve this problem, you must use the Google AdWords strategy and make the right keywords to choose words and phrases related to your business. For the second problem, you must write meta Dyskrypshnhayy be attractive to audiences and encourage them to enter the site. There is a simple solution to create good meta Dyskrypshnhay is to imagine yourself as if you were you, what words and phrases would convince you to click on this link.

6. Guest Blogging on a massive scale, to build credibility in SEO

Guest Bloggers
Guest Bloggers

Moreover, the quality of content mattered little, often-generated content, links to the author’s website it did not; it was just a way to generate more backlinks.

Guest blogging from that time until today has changed tremendously. Today, if you plan to leave one or two guest posts on other websites, it is important that these websites are authentic and relevant to your site. Guest blogging on a small scale, and if it’s ethical and runs the right way, can have benefits.

7. The full title of the keywords to increase ratings

Fill the content of different keywords, keyword or keyword stuffing filling (Keyword stuffing) said. This means that in a very short text, a large number of relevant and irrelevant keywords to include. Google, via Matt Cutts, warned us in 2007 is to achieve higher rankings, keyword stuffing not do. But some webmasters, underestimated the words of Matt Cutts until new algorithms such as Google Panda algorithm updates each year came to the fore. Content discovery algorithms that were built for the poor.

Keyword stuffing very dangerous game. The old tactics, clearly in contradiction with the Google webmaster guidelines. And since different algorithm update, Google every year in recognition of poor content, is more advanced, with keyword stuffing, your website at risk of fines Google will direct.

8. Do not waste your time by putting photos on content

For a long time, neglecting to put photos on my web pages, no problem. You could replace the use of tags (Alt Tags) and filenames photos, create your own content and get good grades. Today, the importance of SEO within the site (Op-Page SEO) than ever, more and failure to use the photos in content, SEO into your site boon robes and quality which can have a low will.

If you do not use tags to replace the photos, in fact, the visibility of your site on the Internet.

9. Register your website in many directories to get more backlinks

On 24 April 2012, Google released its first version of Penguin. Penguin that after that date has had many updates on the identification and discovery of artificial and unrealistic focused websites with backlinks.

Instead of directories is invalid, should be focused on the valid and relevant directories and submit your site to them. Reputable directories, your standards are. Links in authentic and relevant directories, in addition to receiving a prestigious link, makes people become familiar with the company and your website. Identify authoritative directories and detect the invalid directories is very simple, but if you can not recognize them, and do not risk your website they do not register.


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