How Does 3D Printer Works?

Three-dimensional or 3D Printer Show is one of the trends emerging technology has been welcome in recent years. Using three-dimensional printing industrial processes quickly find and the cost is much reduced and the addition of three-dimensional printing industry, 3D Printers is very useful in, such as hospitals and research laboratories. But what a three-dimensional printing process


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3D Printer have plans to fix bugs and it saves a few weeks in the design and manufacture of a product. Three-dimensional printing or 3D Printer to speed their place in research laboratories, hospitals and clinics vehicle has been rebuilt, but how the technology works?

First is better than the general features available on all printers look three-dimensional. Most printers on the market today are three-dimensional design, a technique called Additive used to create the desired layout. Additive or incremental method means that the printer deposits of raw material and add it gradually from nothing, the ultimate object produces. This is in contrast to shaving process in the industry that the ultimate object is formed by cutting eating a piece of metal or wood. . By creating objects are layered and incremental, three-dimensional printers are able to hollow objects or objects that have complex internal structure, produce, for example to produce a homogeneous cube pointed hardened materials.

Simple method for three-dimensional printing later introduced and attracted many to be three-dimensional printing, extrusion deposition is. The simplest method is three dimensional printing method that can be used. In this way a robot nozzles carefully with the original plastic material is injected into the overall map construction. Print zines goal of creating a layered structure with hard core layer on top of each other.

If the purpose of print three-dimensional objects using other materials such as metals, so do not respond extrusion deposition method and other methods must be tried.

Structure of 3D Printing Machine
Structure of 3D Printing Machine

Yet another method of selective laser melting also known as Selective Laser Melting briefly called SLM is also similar to the SLS is almost functional. This method uses a laser to melt the raw material particles that are often made of metal, are used. In fact, the SLM are not limited to fusion due to melting of raw materials, the ultimate object structure are stronger.

But that’s not all there is another method. An example of more advanced methods of three-dimensional printing, the use of carbon fiber that can be used to produce parts very rigid, with less density. New methods of materials such as carbon fiber are used, should cost in the range of three-dimensional printing was expensive. For example, to print three-dimensional piece of carbon fiber, you need to pay 5. 000 dollars to bear in mind that much higher than the cost required to print using a piece of raw material such as metal.

Three-dimensional printing gradually finding its place in the midst of heavy industry. As well as  in the medical field can be printed using three-dimensional design and production process raised various prostheses to patients quickly solve their problems.

In addition to various industries and laboratories design, many ordinary people also use a variety of three-dimensional printers are short search that can display a variety of three-dimensional printing tools. For example, printing pistols, three-dimensional printed piece of a musical instrument and a variety of other applications.


Life sciences researchers to be one of the more progressives called three-dimensional printing, will be using this technology can be human organs using stem cells produced. According to information from research, manufacturing polymers can be combined with nutrients and stem cells in the form of three-dimensional printing, to produce human organs.

Both SLS and SLM methods that are mentioned, used by NASA to produce parts used in spacecraft. NASA’s goal is to produce all the parts needed to build a spaceship using three-dimensional printing. Scientists are working on assumptions such as mixing a binder with the soil and production infrastructure are required through three-dimensional printing. SpiderFab also defined as a project with the aim of using three-dimensional printing to build large infrastructure gap is outside the planet.

Three-dimensional printing or 3D Printer is a very wide variety of applications. For example, to neural networks as one of the important applications of three-dimensional printing, which can cause a revolution in the world and the history of the human sciences.

Do you like the three-dimensional printing is the future of this technology?

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